New JewelOcean Payment Layaway Option

 JewelOcean is proud to announce that we are offering Payment Layaway Option on all Jewelry such as Diamond Rings, Engagement Rings, Wedding Sets, Bridal Set and other Jewelry items.

We offer flexible layaway payment option, where you can make multiple part payments to pay for your purchase. Please note that your item would only be shipped to you once your complete payment is received.

 Here is how the Payment Layaway option works:-

1) Select any item on JewelOcean that you would like to put on Layaway Option. 

2) You have the option to pay for your item within maximum 6 months

3) To enroll for the Payment Layaway, a deposit of only 10% of purchase price is required.

4) You have the flexibility to pay for the balance amount as and when you want

5) Once your full payment is received, we would mail the order to you within 3 business days and update you with the tracking number.

 To enroll in the JewelOcean Layaway Plan either :-

 1) Call our 24 hour customer service at  800-742-1806 and our helpful customer service team can enroll you for the same

2) Select the "Layaway Payment Optionwhile you are viewing the engagement ring or jewelry product you are interested in. You can also select "Layaway Payment Option" during the checkout process after adding the jewelry to the shopping cart. 

 Frequently Asked Questions:-

 1) When would my purchase be shipped to me?

Your purchase would be mailed out to you within 3 business days once your complete payment is processed. Once mailed, we would update you with the tracking number.

2) How do I pay for my layaway option?

You can pay for the engagement rings on Payment Layaway through Credit Card or Paypal. You have the option to pay for your diamond rings and jewelry as and when you are comfortable making payment. We do not have a fixed monthly minimum amount that we would charge. You are free to make payments towards your item as and when you want. The only restriction is that the full payment must be made within 6 months.

3) How can I check my account balance?

Once you are enrolled for the layaway option plan, we would create online account for you. You can view your payments, balances etc by logging into your online account.

4) Can I pay for the item earlier than scheduled, to receive my item early?

Yes, of course you can pay for your engagement rings and other jewelry item as and when you are comfortable making the payment. We offer you complete flexibility over the same. Once your complete payment is received, your order would be mailed to you within 3 business days and we would update you with the tracking number.

 5) Would you charge any interest on the purchase?

No, we do not charge any interest on your purchase. Your purchase is interest free. You would be paying the same purchase price for the jewelry that you have paid while making a single complete payment.

 6) What happens to my item, once I enroll the layaway payment option?

Once you enroll in the layaway payment option, your item is put aside. We would not sell that item to anyone else. Once your complete payment is received, we would mail the item to you.

7) What happens if I want to cancel my layaway payment option?

 You are completely free to cancel your layaway payment plan option. However, please note that since we start production on your order, and we face processing and administrative charges including credit card transaction charges, we would charge a fee of 14% of the purchase price. Please note that 14% cancellation fee is not based on the payments that you have made to us. The 14% cancellation fee is based on the purchase price of the item. We would refund your balance payment back to you within 3 business days of the cancellation. has the highest standard's in the industry to protect and safeguard the privacy of our customers. We guarantee you that we would never sell, share or rent any of your personal information to any third or outside party. 

If you have any questions in relation to our privacy policy or if you have any comments, then please contact us at We value and respect the privacy of all our customers. 


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