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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings have been made for over a century. Unlike more common white and yellow gold rings, Rose Gold Engagement Rings remain a mystery for common men and women. However Rose Gold Rings are truly unique diamond rings, which is something different from common everyday jewelry available in the market. The unique Rose and Pink color of the Rose Gold makes wearing such rings very unique, elegant and beautiful. Due to its unique color, Rose Gold Rings are also sometimes referred to as Pink Gold or Red Gold Rings
Commonly Asked Questions

Q) What is Rose Gold? Are Rose Gold Engagement Rings made with real Gold?
Ans) Rose Gold Rings and Rose Gold Bands are rings made with Rose Gold instead of white or yellow gold. Rose Gold alloy consists of pure gold mixed with other alloys just like white or yellow gold. However in Rose Gold, copper alloy is more distinct which helps give the jewelry its distinct pink or rose gold color. Based on the type of alloy used, the rose gold color can vary between shades of pink, red, and rose color. Rose Gold Rings are real gold rings, which are made in either 10k, 14k or 18k Gold. It is a common misconception among jewelry lovers that Rose Gold bands and rings are not real gold jewelry. This would be incorrect. Just like common yellow or white gold jewelry, Rose Gold Jewelry is available in 10k Rose Gold, 14k Rose Gold or 18k Rose Gold.

Q) Is Rose Gold more expensive than other form of Gold?
Ans) Rose Gold Engagement Ring cost would be almost the same as compared to other gold forms, with all characteristics remaining the same. This means that a 18k Rose Gold Engagement Ring would cost exactly the same as a same ring made in yellow or white gold. 18k Rose Gold Rings would be more expensive than 14k Rose Gold Rings, which again would be more expensive than 10k Rose Gold Rings. However Rose Gold jewelry would cost the same as other gold forms

Q) What type of Rose Gold Jewelry does JewelOcean sells?
Ans) JewelOcean specializes in many different type of Rose Gold Jewelry, specially Rose Gold Engagement Rings, Rose Gold Bands, Rose Gold Pendants. Our Rose Gold Rings are made with real natural diamonds and are available in many different price categories, with many available at affordable sale prices.

Q) Do I need to take special care of Rose Gold?
Ans) Rose Gold Diamond Rings need the same care and maintenance as any other different gold jewelry type. You do not need to take any special care because your ring or band is made in rose gold.


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