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Promise Rings

A promise ring is given as a commitment from either the boyfriend or girlfriend to one another. The promise rings significies commitment to love that the couples share between each other, and as a promise of love and devotion. The following section would help explain some more details in regards with promise rings and their meaning for men and women.
Commonly Asked Questions

Q) Why is a promise ring give? What does promise rings signifies?
Ans) Promise rings as the name signifies as a promise token in form of a ring. Promise rings are normally exchanged between men and women to show their love and devotion to one another. Having said so, promise rings are not only used as a prelude to engagement rings. Promise rings can also signify friendship between boyfriend and girlfriend. More often though, promise rings are used as pre-engagement rings, used as a sign to show that the couple would get engaged in the near future. During the actual engagement proposal, promise rings can be exchanged for actual engagement rings. Therefor while their is no definite universal meaning to promise rings, to put in simple and easy terms, a promise ring is a commitment between a man and a woman towards their friendship or love.

Q) How much does a promise ring cost?
Ans) Promise rings are generally more cheaper and affordable than regular engagement rings. The meaning of promise ring however is not deminished with their cheap purchase price. Promise rings are generally available in inexpensive price category of below $100, below $200 and below $300. As such promise rings feature small diamonds to make them more affordable, and are available in either gold or silver. JewelOcean has a big collection of cheap promise rings available in gold, silver and with or without diamonds.

Q) Is promise rings used for only girlfriend, or is there promise rings for men which men can wear
Ans) Promise rings for girlfriend is more common than promise rings for men. However these days promise rings for men have increased in popularity and rightly so. Since a promise ring shows commitment of love between men and women, there is no reason why men should not wear promise rings. It is their way to show that they are committed towards the promise of commitment or love towards their girlfriend.

Q) Which finger is a promise ring worn on?
Ans) This is a very common question which is normally asked, as to which finger should be used to wear the promise ring. Normally, promise rings are used as pre-engagement promise rings, therefore they should not be worn on the Ring finger, or the third finger on the right hand for women. This finger is reserved for the engagement ring, as it is generally believed that this finger is directly connected to the heart through a direct vein. Therefore the third finger on the right hand is reserved for engagement rings. As such generally promise rings can be worn on any finger other than this finger. Most women choose to wear promise ring on third finger of the left hand. The same rule would apply for men promise rings, which should be worn on third or fourth finger of the left hand. However it should be noted that this is no definite rule and couples normally have their own choice to wear their promise rings on.

Q) What kinds of promise rings does JewelOcean offer?
Ans) JewelOcean offers a big selection of diamond promise rings. You can find cheap promise rings for girlfriends, for women, for men, and matching promise rings for couples. We can persolize your promise rings with your choice of engraving text with a little additional cost.


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