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Cheap Engagement Rings and Cheap Wedding Rings
"I gave her the engagement ring and she really loves it. Moreover, all her friends and family think that I have spent a lot of money on the money on the ring, and no one realizes how inexpensive it really was". This is one of the most common customer satisfaction emails we receive. Our customers are really surprised when they purchase engagement rings from us at such cheap prices and then find the quality of it much better than what they expected.

Generally when people talk about purchasing an inexpensive wedding ring, they feel that there might be a host of reasons why the engagement rings are sold at such cheap prices. Some might think that the quality is low, or the styles are outdated. Such stigma has influenced wedding rings and bridal sets for long time, where affordable rings are always thought to be sub-par. However, this is where JewelOcean comes into play. We are a manufacturing company, making our engagement rings and wedding rings in house. As such we are able to retail cheap engagement rings at inexpensive prices for many reasons.

First of all, by being a direct jewelry manufacturer, we offer you manufacturer prices. There are no middlemen involved, who will purchase the diamond rings and then resell them again with a marked up price. Then we make our jewelry in bulk quantity, and we have tie-ups with big diamond suppliers for the same reason. By having a big production, our jewelry has low overhead and therefore their prices come down.

We offer a collection of over 1000 styles of engagement and wedding rings. And to keep up with latest trends, we always refresh our collection. As such, we have to continuously phase out older ring styles to make way for new ones. In such cases we sell engagement rings at special discounted closeout prices. You will find a big collection of rings, ranging from antique styles to modern contemporary styles which are priced at discount prices for quick close out sale.

Moreover, one of the main goals of JewelOcean is to provide quality wedding rings at discount prices. It is our belief that you do not need to spend the next 3 month salary to get that dream engagement ring. We want to make beautiful eye catching jewelry which is affordable priced so that everyone can purchase them without having to spend thousands of dollars. Our affordable wedding collection therefore offers everything from solitaire rings, bridal sets and wedding ring sets, all at discount prices.

In today's economic situation, it is not possible for everyone to go and spend loads of money for their engagement rings. People have a lot of other expenses to worry about, and while buying the dream ring for her will be on the top priority list of the would be groom, the wallet in his pocket might be more restricted. As a result there have been a lot of stories about couples who have either postponed their weddings or called it off completely due to high potential expenses that it entails. It is estimated that an average wedding cost in USA easily exceeds over $20,000 dollars. Of this cost, one of the most expensive items in the list is the wedding ring. But does it really have to be so. It is one thing to spend thousands of dollars on a ring when you can afford it, but most of us cannot. as a company believes that we can provide you with affordable wedding rings and wedding sets which are priced below $1000 and still provide you with great quality rings that would last you a lifetime. Why should people put love on hold, and postpone their engagement plans.


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