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Amethyst Rings



Amethyst Rings

Amethyst has been used for Jewelry for over 2000 years, since ancient Greeks. In the present time, Amethyst is now considered as the Gemstone of the month for February. Amethyst Rings have been worn by both men and women for variety of reasons. Besides the obvious beauty of Amethyst engagement rings, amethyst gemstone is believed to prevent both men and women from intoxication and seduction. As such from ancient times, people have worn various type of Jewelry made from Amethyst, such as Amethyst Rings, Amethyst Pendants and Amethyst Earrings. In the more present time, Amethyst engagement rings have become very popular. The deep purple shade of Amethyst makes it look very attractive when set in either White Gold Rings or Yellow Gold Rings. Amethyst is found in various shades of purple, and in other colors also. Green Amethyst Rings are also very popular which are made from Green Amethyst. Besides Amethyst engagement rings, women now use Amethyst for different type of rings such as Amethyst Fashion Rings, Amethyst Promise Rings. Amethyst jewelry is also used by many for its religious significance which is passed down from ancient Greek mythology.
Commonly Asked Questions

Q) What is the meaning of Amethyst? Are Amethyst Jewelry popular?
Ans) Amethyst Rings have been worn by both men and women for over 2000 years. Amethyst, also the Gemstone for the month of February is believed to protect the wearer from intoxication and seduction. Besides the religious significance, Amethyst is very popular gemstone used in Jewelry, specially Rings, because Amethyst Rings are very beautiful. Besides the natural beauty of Amethyst, Amethyst Rings are also more affordable and cheaper than other Gemstone Rings such as Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

Q) Can Amethyst Rings be used as Engagement Rings?
Ans) Amethyst Rings are very popular as engagement rings. Women wear Amethyst Rings made in white gold or yellow gold featuring just Amethyst as a solitaire gemstone, or in combination of Amethyst and Diamond together in the Ring. Amethyst deep purple or Green color is complimented very well when used in combination of white diamonds for engagement rings. Amethyst Engagement Rings are becoming increasingly popular and are accepted in wider fashion.

Q) What type of Amethyst Jewelry does JewelOcean sells?
Ans) We specialize in different kinds of Amethyst Jewelry. Our most popular Amethyst collection is Rings, and we specialize in providing affordable Amethyst Engagement Rings made on gold for women. Besides Amethyst Rings, we also have a good collection of Amethyst Earrings and Amethyst Pendants. We specialize in a complete range of Amethyst Jewelry at affordable prices.


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