Non Diamond Engagement Rings
Non diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly mainstream now. However, non diamond rings is not something that everyone is aware off. Think of engagement rings, and the picture of diamond pops in the mind first. Engagement rings have always been traditionally been associated with diamonds. However not everyone wants to follow the same trend and style. Many women are now looking for something that is different than the traditional diamond engagement ring. And this is where non diamond engagement rings come in play.

What are non diamond engagement rings?
As the name suggests, non diamond engagement rings are simply engagement rings that feature a center stone which is other than diamonds. Therefore non diamond engagement rings could be gemstone rings featuring popular gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and more. Many women also prefer to have their engagement ring made with their birthstone, so there are a lot of engagement rings with other popular gemstones such as pearl, amethyst, garnet and more. Thus you can find both precious and semi precious gemstone ring settings for non diamond engagement ring.
However the term non-diamond engagement ring has taken a slight twist in meaning in recent years. Earlier when a woman wanted to have a non diamond engagement ring setting, it strictly implied that there should be no diamonds in the ring setting at all, neither in the center nor in side. However, in recent years as the culture of non diamond wedding rings has evolved, so has its meaning. Now you can find engagement ring settings which feature a gemstone in the center and some diamonds on the side. So while there are diamonds in the ring setting, the engagement ring is still referred to as non-diamond engagement ring, as it’s center stone is not a diamond.
Another popular twist to the term has come in form of using cz stones or cubic zirconia. Having a non diamond engagement ring made with cubic zirconium (cz stones) makes the engagement ring look like it has diamonds. However there are two main reasons behind such a trend. The first is the price. Non diamond engagement rings are cheaper and inexpensive than traditional diamond engagement rings. The second is as people become more aware of struggle in Africa and the diamond mining history, while they still would prefer to have diamonds in their engagement rings, they opt for cz stones instead, so that they can have non diamond engagement ring, which looks like real diamond engagement ring at the same time.
At, you would find a rich collection of inexpensive non diamond engagement rings, which come in different forms. From gemstone engagement ring settings featuring all major gemstones such as pearl, ruby, Peridot and more, to engagement rings made with cz stone, which are also very affordable.


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