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Diamond Brooches and Pins

There is something about a woman or man wearing a diamond brooch that inspires the romantics in us. Brooches are that part of our fashion ensemble that would by itself transfer any outfit that we are wearing. Brooches have been popular for large part of our history, especially diamond brooches. Gemstone brooches became popular also as people found that the beautiful colors of gemstones such as ruby, sapphire or pearl, can quickly add a lot of color to the outfit.

JewelOcean retails brooches in variety of materials such as silver brooches and gold brooches. Brooches are also referred to as Pins sometimes. Most of them come with a strap to “pin” it to the outfit, and hence they are also referred to as Pins. However people sometimes refer to small size brooches as diamond pins, while referring to larger ones as diamond brooches. Fashion pins are now increasingly popular, specially used in clubs and themed parties. Lapel pins have always been popular mainly cross lapel pins which are used to wear while attending church or other such functions.

JewelOcean has a very affordable collection of sterling silver brooches and gold brooches. No matter what kind of brooch design you are looking for, from antique and vintage brooches, to nature design brooches such as flowers and insects or to animal brooches designs, you would find them here studded with either diamonds or gemstones.


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